Trick with zote soap to remove stains from the floor

We teach you how to make disinfectant tablets for the bathroom and leave it free of dirt. With a dumb soap, more than 20 disinfectant sideburns come out.

Home remedy to remove water stains at the bottom of the toiletRecipe for homemade disinfectant tablets for the toilet


  • 1 piece of zote soap
  • 500 ml of disinfectant for floors


  1. GRATE  the zote soap with a cheese grater.
  2. In a pot,  ADD  the soap zest and pour in the floor disinfectant.
  3. Heat  over low heat, mix well until a homogeneous paste is created.
  4. In a glass bowl,  PLACE  the mixture and cover with parchment paper.
  5. LET  stand until hard and cut into squares (Approximately 20 small pieces).
  6. PLACE  inside the toilet for better results, since when you lower the water lever you will enjoy a refreshing aroma and the soap will do its cleaning job.

Note:  These homemade disinfectant tablets are a sustainable, economical and effective option to leave your bathroom free of dirt and with a pleasant aroma.

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